Mango Season


This month is mango season in Indonesia. It is between October until December. Mango is delicious fruit: sweet, little sour and fresh. There are several different kind of mango, such as: mana lagi, gedong, arum manis, gadung, golek and kopyor. If you come to Indonesia in this month, you should to try mango. You will not disappointed. Guaranteed.

My father of law has more than three mango trees in Pati (a small town on Central Java). We always happy and never get tired to eat mango. We likes mango ‘arum manis’. ‘Arum manis’ mean fragrant and sweet. It smell is fragrant and strong. And the color of the pulp is yellow or orange. The taste is sweet without any sour even in young fruit. Arum manis mango is big, relatively bigger than other mango.

Gadung mango is smaller and round like a ball than Arum Manis. Gedong mango is not as sweet as Arum manis and little bit sour specially when young. But, we also likes this mango. Sometimes we eat young mango, we  eat with ‘sambel lotis’ or chilli caramel sauce. Most japanese people like ‘lotis’. ‘Lotis’ is combination taste of sour, spicy, and sweet. You should to try also.

Kopyor mango is name given by my father in law. We eat this mango with different way than usual. We hit the mango fruit with hand until crush. Than, we make a small hole on the end/tip. We eat from this hole.


There are a lot of mangos sell in the local market. Mango is very cheap no more US$ 1 until 1.5 per kilo. There are also some mango seller in road verges. But, in supermarket the price is higher.

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