Buku Gratis: Rice-feeding insects of tropical Asia

Rice-feeding insects of tropical Asia
B.M. Shepard, A.T. Barrion, J.A. Litsinger
This field guide documents the community of insects that feed on rice in the tropical zone of Asia and complements the IRRI publication “Helpful insects, spiders, and pathogens: friends of the rice farmers.” It covers 78 phytophagous species in 64 genera, 27 families, and 8 orders. The phytophage guild represents five groups-general defoliators, (27 species), plant suckers (25 species), early vegetative pests (11 species), soil pests (9 species), and stem borers (6 species). Stem borers and plant suckers comprise the major rice pests. A brief description of each insect’s life stage and damage it does to the rice plant is presented for a quick and reliable identification.

Publisher: International Rice Research Institute
Language: English
ISBN: 9789712200625
Pages: 234 pages

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