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Statistik Kelapa Sawit Indonesia 2013-2015

Gambaran Sekilas Industri Kelapa Sawit di Indonesia

Deperindag RI merelease sebuah dokumen yang memberikan gambaran sekilas tentang industri kelapa sawit di Indonesia. Dokumen tersebut dapat di download di sini.
Minyak Kelapa Sawit

Daftar Perusahaan Kelapa Sawit

Oil Palm Mill Waste

Indonesia today is a biggest producer of CPO (crude palm oil) in the world and has the largest palm oil plantation in the world. Palm area in Indonesia in 2007, according Dirjenbun, Department of Agriculture, estimated to reach 6.6 million ha and the production of CPO in the year reached 17.3 million tons. The area and production is expected to continue to rise given the current intensively conducted slowly opening new oil, especially in the island of Kalimantan and Papua.

data luas sawit

Oil palm plantation and CPO production of Indonesia (Data from Dirjenbun).

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