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My Notes on Homecoming 1435H (2014) Part 1

Rute mudik dengan Google MapsPlan routes going home and the back and forth that we’ve been through this in 2014. [/ caption]


Indonesian people have a unique culture when Idhul Fitr, namely: ‘MUDIK’ it is mean ‘going home’ or back hometown. People who migrate and work in big cities, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Semarang, will go back to their respective hometown. Initially, this was only done by the Javanese peoples, but then also carried by almost all workers in big cities throughout Indonesia. ‘Homecoming’ is a national celebration of the Indonesian people. All government officers; police, military, road workers, are busy preparing for this big event. Train tickets, plane, and bus are sold out. People are also uses a motor to do homecoming. Tens of thousands motorcycles are cornucopia to the road. It is also thousand of private cars.
Despite all been prepared, there is always a problem with the infrastructure for ‘homecoming’ or ‘mudik’. This year is worse than previous years. In Pantura (road at north site of java island), bridges of Comal sinkhole and could not pass by a big vehicle. This damage causes severe traffic jam in Pantura. Vehicle shifted into the middle traffic lane and the south traffic lane. Worse yet, in Tasik-Ciamis is also a bridge that collapsed. Severe traffic jam occurs in this traffic lane. Addional problem in the traffic lane of Banjar-Purwokerto that there was another landslide. A complete homecoming problems at this year.
The following notes is a note of my journey during homecoming to my hometown; Magelang and Pati at Central Java.

Friday, July 25th

Last day work. My quota of day leave is out, so I must stay logged in until Friday, the last day before leave together. Some of my friends have taken the day off today and the day before they were going home. They avoid traffic jam on the road, because, according to government estimates of peak congestion homecoming is this Friday. I have no choice, there is a traffic jam or not, I must going home, which is important to get home and ‘sungkem’ with Mother in the village.
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