My Notes on Homecoming 1435H (2014) Part 1

Rute mudik dengan Google MapsPlan routes going home and the back and forth that we’ve been through this in 2014. [/ caption]


Indonesian people have a unique culture when Idhul Fitr, namely: ‘MUDIK’ it is mean ‘going home’ or back hometown. People who migrate and work in big cities, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Semarang, will go back to their respective hometown. Initially, this was only done by the Javanese peoples, but then also carried by almost all workers in big cities throughout Indonesia. ‘Homecoming’ is a national celebration of the Indonesian people. All government officers; police, military, road workers, are busy preparing for this big event. Train tickets, plane, and bus are sold out. People are also uses a motor to do homecoming. Tens of thousands motorcycles are cornucopia to the road. It is also thousand of private cars.
Despite all been prepared, there is always a problem with the infrastructure for ‘homecoming’ or ‘mudik’. This year is worse than previous years. In Pantura (road at north site of java island), bridges of Comal sinkhole and could not pass by a big vehicle. This damage causes severe traffic jam in Pantura. Vehicle shifted into the middle traffic lane and the south traffic lane. Worse yet, in Tasik-Ciamis is also a bridge that collapsed. Severe traffic jam occurs in this traffic lane. Addional problem in the traffic lane of Banjar-Purwokerto that there was another landslide. A complete homecoming problems at this year.
The following notes is a note of my journey during homecoming to my hometown; Magelang and Pati at Central Java.

Friday, July 25th

Last day work. My quota of day leave is out, so I must stay logged in until Friday, the last day before leave together. Some of my friends have taken the day off today and the day before they were going home. They avoid traffic jam on the road, because, according to government estimates of peak congestion homecoming is this Friday. I have no choice, there is a traffic jam or not, I must going home, which is important to get home and ‘sungkem’ with Mother in the village.

Initially we were somewhat undecided to homecoming or not, since the beginning of fasting we have moved to Bogor. My savings money was already running out, we depleted reserve funds. Rizq (Money) that I had hoped would come did not came. But, ‘sungkem’ to the parents at the feast of Eid is a sacred tradition for us. Moreover a time to met with relatives only once a year, we want to not miss it. Whatever the challenges and obstacles we must be going home.

The last few days I always watched the news about’ going home’ on television, radio, and Twitter. The Pantura traffic lane are got badly traffic jam because damage of Comal bridge. Buses and large vehicles diverted to the middle lane and the south lane. I have made the plans for ‘going home’using Google Maps. The choice is through the middle or southern lane. Although the road is relatively narrow and winding, but may not as badly traffic jam as north traffic lane. But which route we will go through, we still waiting for news on the radio and the internet.

I waited Nendyo, my friend who has just start working in Parung Kuda, Bogor. Nendyo will go with us towards Purworejo. After sunset he came. Our plan is departed after our evening prayer. All suitcases are already entered into the car. Provisions already purchased. HP already fully charged. Power bank is full. We are ready to go.


Over 20 pm we went. Royan sat in front, he is my navigator. Ummi and Joseph sat in the middle. Abim and Nendyo sat behind.

We monitored Radio Elshinta. I turn on Waze and external GPS and a route that we have prepared. I already bought mobile phone holder for car to put my phone in order to more easily see the Waze .

Initially we wanted to go through Puncak Bogor, but we cancel and pick through Cikampek toll after hearing the report from Radio Elshinta that Cikampek Toll were the traffic still smoothly. I check on Waze, it is still OK.

Entry to Jagorawi Toll, the traffic began to crowded. Perhaps many travelers who also departed after Isha ‘, just like us. I watched on Waze shown Cikunir toll also began stuttering. But, the waze color line was still yellow. There was no other choice. The fastest way was through the Cikunir toll.

It was true. Entry to toll Cikunir, cars seen snaking. The car speed was only 30km / h. Waze reported a minor accidents on the front. It was why the traffic began jammed.


We enter into the expressway Cikampek. The road is began to crowded. Solid edging. We continue to monitor the radio Elshinta and Twitter. Intersection Jomin was reported total standstill. Another alternative pathway is through Kalimalang filigree and proceeds to enter Pantura. But the coast began badly jammed. The only choice was via the middle lane or south lane. Strip was reportedly smooth and just stalled at the toll booth Cileunyi. Nagrek was reported still smoothly.


Out of Cikampek toll and toll Cileunyi entry. The traffic began to crowded but it was smoothly for me. We were slightly delayed in Sadang, but after that glorious smoothly. I drove at speeds above 80 km / h until Bandung.


We came to near Bandung and towards the end of the toll. The road began to hiccup, tend to jam. God…no….!!!!


We were trapped in the severe expressway exit. Cars crept slowly. All full paths.

Saturday, July 26 th


The toll gate was in the front. Near. Oh…GOD ….. !!!!


Pay the toll. Apart from the toll booth is not decrease congestion. Severe.


Turning the new road and entered the path towards Tasikmalaya. Since it was near the dawn of time, we agreed to look for a place to eat a meal. We ate the meal in a restaurant Padang.

Finished eating I check radio and Waze. Nagrek start jammed. It is true, the congestion in front.

Waze gives alternative the road more smoothly. We follow and it is smooth and gets stuck again after Tasikmalaya near the intersection of Garut.

Tasik badly jammed and the flow diverted to the Main Page. We follow the course. There is no better alternative. Worse!!! My cell phone battery running low.


We stopped at the small mosque dawn prayer roadside. The traffic getting worse. The weather started to not friendly. Drizzle.


Come to Singaprana district. Congestion is getting worse. Legs started cramping. Jammed were really badly in the market of singaprana. My phone died, could not find an alternative path via Waze. Perceiving. Sleepy start attacking.

Near the intersection of the market we follow the path. It turned out very badly jammed roads. I follow the bus three quarters. In the market we have to turn around.

I was getting angry and tired. Concentration also began to fade. Conditions worsened by rain. In my red light turn right. Pelan2 road,, just the speed of 20km / h. Suddenly a motorcycle cutting my way. I stepped on the brakes suddenly, but too late. My car had kissed the motorbike. The bike swerved, but it is not worse. In fact, he runs off to the left.

Without my knowing it turns out there is another motorcycle that kiss the back of my car. Oh God…not again. Want to angry but I was fasting.
Further trips to Ciamis. Solid edging. We had to stop several times for small shitting.

Accomplished and tired. But I wanted to get home. The journey must be continued.


We stopped prayer in the great mosque of Ciamis. The Grand mosque of Ciamis. Here I rested for a while.


Proceed to Banjar. The road is pretty smooth. Out of town Bajar start stalled again. Whether there is anything in front. One hour we were stuck in the jam and just walk three feet by three feet.

A few moments later we see a lot of car with B letter which runs opposite direction. It turns out there was a way that landslides. It was the cause of this congestion.
I had come to turn around and take an alternative path via Cilacap. The road was narrow and potholed. Convoy of cars drove by slowly.


We just got excl. Sidareja Cilacap. We break the fast in the car and look for the mosque for afternoon prayer. After that we look for a place to eat.

We plan on going through the old Deandles road. Because the main route of south line already reported jammed. The Deandles road was an alternative way street southbound lanes. The road is straight and fairly smooth, though a bit cramped.


We arrived at the intersection to Gombong and Ayah coast. We got confused going via Gombong or Ayah beach. I’ve never been a father via the coastal route. The possibility of the southbound lanes jammed, so we chose the beach via the father.

Not only our own who choose this path. There are at least five other cars in the convoy this narrow path.

The Deandles road onwas not flat, but the sharp winding and uphill. The road was through the deep forest. Quite challenging, especially at night, drizzle, and consciousness began to diminish.


Thank God, the path of death had passed and returned to the straight path average. Nendyo was down in Kutoarjo. We continue to Purworedjo-Magelang.

Actually I’ve been getting tired and sleepy. However, a distance of 60 km to stay home late again. Bear. I kept going while holding accomplish and sleepy.

Sunday, July 27 th


Alhandulillah, finally get home as well. I park my car and stretch out. Barang2 cleared by anak2.
I immediately eating a meal for fasting.

After the morning prayers I continue to sleep. I have asked Gatot, a person who give massage; to relax the muscles of the body.
Bismika Allahumma wa Ahya amut.

It was almost 30 hours driving in this journey. It was new driving record. A longest I’ve ever experienced. But, The tiredness was paid by meeting with my mother. As the heat thirsty in the desert and drink iced tea. Fresh.

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