Potential Advantages of A1 Isolate

I am learning english. So, I’m sorry if many mistakes in my sentences. Happy reading.

After I found potential uses of A1 isolate for biopulping of rice straw, I found anather advantages. I googled by keywords : biopulping, lignolytic enzym, and rice straw. I get a lot of references, scientific papers, patent documents, and etc. I read this references one by one. It ‘s not only found new knowledge about biopulping but I also fund another advantage of A1 isolate.I think A1 isolate can be use for biopulping of rice straw by solid state fermentation. I hope before the end of this year I can develope some technology for biopulping of rice straw. I will make pulp or paper from rice straw. Now, I preparing 1 truct rice straw for this purpose.Another potential uses of A1 isolate is biobleaching of pulp. Biobleaching is next step after pulping to make white paper.

A1 isolate could be use for rice straw pretreatment for enzymatic hidrolysis. Hidrolisate product can be use for ethanol production, the next promising energy.

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