Preparation of the cellulose nitrate

This methods is part of the book:
Klemm, D., et al. “Comprehensive cellulose chemistry: v. 2: functionalization of cellulose: functionalization of cellulose.” (1998).

A sample of about 0.8 g cellulose is mixed with 40 ml of the nitration acid, and coole down to 0oC. This mixture is shaken vigorously and then kept for 3 h at 0oC with occasional shaking. Subsequently most of the nitration acid is separated from the cellulose on a coarse sintered-glass crucible by pressing with glass stopper. After putting the filter crucible onto a suction flask, the sample is neutralized stepwise by addition of a total volume of 240 ml of 2% by weight aqueous Na2CO3 solution, which is filtered through the crucible without suction. Subsequently the sample is washed with about 8 l of distilled water, again applying no suction. After these washing, most of the water covering the sample is drawn off by suction, and the cellulose nitrate is stabilized for 2 h at room temperature by covering it with methanol in a beaker. After separating the methanol by filtration, the sample is dried in vacuo over P2O5 at 20oC for at least 15h.

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