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Berkebun dengan Sampah Sisa Dapur

How to make simple compost bin from paint drum

Managing Organic Waste from Traditional Markets: Easier and Cheapest Method

Buku KomposThis article about managing organic waste is a different with articel which I have previously written (Managing Organic Waste in Bunderan Traditional Market, Sragen-Indonesia). This method of managing organic waste is more simple and better than the previous method.

Organic waste from traditional markets, have slightly different characteristics with waste from housing. The composition of the waste from traditional markets are more dominated by organic waste. Plastic trash fewer than plastic waste from the housing. Moreover, if the waste came from the vegetable market or a fruit market, the organic waste will be more. I think this article is more suitable for the waste from traditional markets, more specifically the waste from vegetable and fruit market. This article based on real experience. Processed organic waste into compost and organic fertilizer granules.
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